With the threat of the Shadow Man looming large, the Fellowship spreads out. Stellwyn and Ravage meet with Gemini to ask for their aid, but learn several troubling things: the twins have become separated, leaving the damaged twin alone and flustered.  What’s more, the giant senses that Stellwyn is carrying a giant’s heart—their piece of power—in the Crown of Seven.  Meanwhile, Heinrich and Taylor are led by the Faire elf to meet Freyer, the dragon who lives at and feeds upon the magic in the roots of the World Tree.  On the way to their meeting, the three discuss the history of mankind’s relationship with dragons, Heinrich’s place in that history, and further details of the Elven Council’s sinister plot– details that become immensely complicated after Elysian’s secret society makes a decision about their counter-play…

Episode art by Bee.
Sound editing by Holly.
Theme music by Avery Stemmler.
Other music by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.