The Shadow Man

Playbook: The Overlord
Player: Bee

The Shadow Man is a myth given reality; an avatar of chaos.  He appears every few generations with the express goal of making the world a worse place to live.  His magic works by making bargains with individuals, granting power, wealth and life at high costs.  He appeared recently and has already begun to sow chaos, shattering humanity’s order and growing a new World Tree.  He must be stopped.

Prince Stellwyn Dawn

the First of His Name, Son of Wyn, Blessed by the Stars and Their Wisdom, True Heir to the Throne of Seven, Captain of the Dawnbringer

Playbook: The Heir
Player: Kyle

The Dawn royal family seized power shortly after the last victory against the Shadow Man, uniting the seven disparate human nations under a single rule. For three generations, they brought an age of prosperity the likes of which mankind had never before seen.  Prince Stellwyn was second in line for the throne—and more than happy to let his older, stronger brother take it instead—but the Shadow Man’s meddling ended with Stellwyn’s family being slaughtered.  Looking to prevent further tragedy, Stellwyn set out to rally heroes together and defeat the villainous Overlord once more.

Lord Heinrich Rothschild

the First of His House, Son of Werner, Engineer of the Dawnbringer, Scholar of the Dragon’s Eternal Flame, Fallen to Ash

Playbook: The Dragon
Player: Yako

Heinrich was born to field surgeons during the Shadow Man’s previous reign of terror.  When his family was killed by a dragon, he was inspired to develop a serum made of dragons’ blood that granted incredible might and magic to common men.  His serum helped win the war against the Shadow Man, united the seven nations, and earned him Lordship. However, excessive use of his own drug brought side effects of slowed aging and the development of draconic features.  Normally reclusive, Heinrich was moved to action by the young Prince Dawn’s plight and fights to destroy the Shadow Man once more.

Elysian Foxjuggler

Pilot of the Dawnbringer, Champion of the Orc War

Playbook: The Elf
Player: Jovian

Elysian earned the esteem of the elven elite when their prowess helped win a war against orcish invaders hundreds of years ago.  Since then, they’ve occasionally graced the outside world with their presence, sometimes even helping in the fight against the Shadow Man.  They joined the Fellowship for another chance to prove their magnificence, despite (or perhaps, in spite of) the agitation mingling with lesser races brings to the Elven Council.

Taylor Silkblade

Halfling Squire of Greenlead, Child of Mana and Batch, Communications Officer of the Dawnbringer

Playbook: The Squire
Player: Holly

Taylor is a halfling who has lived a mostly unremarkable life.  Their desire to help as many people as possible lead them to wishing to become a knight, and to that end, they became a squire to the dubiously legendary Elysian Foxjuggler.  Since then, they’ve become something of a glorified, underpaid babysitter, sticking by their ostentatious companion to keep them out of trouble.  They aren’t in the Fellowship as a champion, but fate has blessed them with purpose and might beyond any expectation.


the Giant and Giantslayer, Gunner of the Dawnbringer

Playbook: The Giant
Player: Chris

The giants are a constructed race created during the last war with the Shadow Man.  In response to the peoples of the world creating these powerful behemoths, the Shadow Man created Ravage, a small giant with the power to rip out and destroy the hearts of the others.  She carried out her life purpose during the final battle, but became horrified when she realized the implications of the genocide on her hands.  After disappearing for many years, she returned when she heard of the Fellowship, eager to exact revenge on her creator for the atrocity he forced her to commit.

Character bios and art by Yako.