Another week, another session of Breakfast Cult GM’d by yours truly, Meg “Yako” the Rock! It’s late October and preparations for the school culture festival are underway. This year, the main attraction is a battle of the bands, but one of the judges suspects foul play and underhanded use of occult science to cheat and win this illustrious musical tournament. To that end, she’s put together a crack team of investigators: Sera Cera (Holly), Queen “B” and master of practical japes; Elmer Reed (Kyle), angry footsball star on probation; Georgia K├Âlski (Chris), master of scientific discovery and occasionally violin; Pythia Gosvinta-Astergath (Yoshi), resident goth girl and occult truther; and Davey Doomzone (Jovian), eldritch-touched student and up-and-coming drama club star. Can they find the sinister truths that lurk in the backstage of the battle of the bands? Why are all the participants on edge? How did Davey suddenly lose his memory, and why’s he talking about being a superhero…?

(Note: There are some audio issues this episode caused by Yako not recording her mic for the second half. If you stick through it, though, we think it’s worth it! This is also part of a late April Fools’ joke. Regular programming will resume next week.)

Episode art by Bee.
Sound editing by Holly.
Most music by Kevin MacLeod. All music licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

Categories: AUpril Fools