It’s time to head to a world of dragons and friendship, guided by Meg in the GM seat! This is a character creation episode, where we meet our six dragons: the slow but reliable craftsman Darn (Kyle), the eager and loyal daredevil Jagi (Holly), the menacing but empathetic seer Luka (show newcomer Trin), the friendly, insectoid academic Yorne (show newcomer Setsu), the spiny and proud warrior Tokarz (Jovian), and the spindly, shy nature adept Fegios (Bee). We learn a bit about the world and a lot about our heroes.

This episode is a teaser for the bonus campaign we are running as part of our Patreon campaign. If you pledge $5, you’ll get one episode per month, each one alternating between the two dragon clutches! We hope you enjoy this laid-back and tonally lighter show from us as we move into our grittier second season.

Episode art by Meg.
Sound editing by Kyle.
Most music by Kevin MacLeod. All music licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

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