When a week goes by and life gets too crazy to record a session, it’s time for some new teen superheroes to step up to the task!  Meet Perfect Chaos, a second team in our Halcyon City canon.  Lead by GM Kyle, its members are Petruso “Arcadia” Pennington (Setsu), a human/goat gene splicing experiment with a gregarious personality; May “Nightfall” O’Connor (Holly), the latest in a legacy hero line with a tarnished reputation; Hyacinth “Oneironaut” Gamma (Jovian), a powerful psychic who can manifest their dreams; Betthaneigh “Arcana” (Bee), the accursed daughter of a cultist trying desperately to stop their terrible deeds; and Gillian “Scooper Duper” Fairgood (Yoshi), a standoffish goth who wears a full-body mascot costume to fight crime.  Today, you’ll get to learn a little more about them, and the things they did when they first formed their team.

Episode art by Bee.
Sound editing by Holly.
Original music by Avery Stemmler.
Other music by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

Categories: Masks Infinite