Before we dive back into the world of our troubled teen superheroes, we take time to flesh out our version of Halcyon City.  Who is Maggie McIntyre, and who did she fight? Who is the ex-hero that killed Hal Monroe’s team, and what is his history?  How many aliens have passed through Halcyon?  Why did the Good Boy pick that particular name?  All this and more will be answered in today’s episode!  (Though if you don’t like worldbuilding episodes, you can safely skip this and go into the next season without it.)

The game we played today is Signal Light, a Masks-themed hack of Microscope.  Microscope was written by Ben Robbins; Signal Light was written by James Malloy.

Show logo by Meg.
Editing by Kyle.
Original music by Avery Stemmler.
Other music by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

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