Kim and Papillon sit down with the brain behind f-no-reversal, Oscar, and learn his strange, sad story.  Once Papillon ensures her fanbase will not be disappointed, life returns to normalcy for a while.  Then, Final Hazard gets called to a real disturbance in action:  a strange portal has opened up downtown, spewing an endless stream of black ooze disrupting everything in its path.  What’s more, one of Reversal’s “villain rehab” cases, a shapeshifting alien called Quicksilver, is at the scene, suspected of being the perpetrator but swearing to their innocence.  Can the team pull together to beat this new foe?  What secrets await them at the scene?

Episode art by Bee.
Sound editing by Kyle.
Original music by Avery Stemmler.
Other music by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

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