Civilian name: Dav Monroe
Playbook: The Protégé
Player: Yako

DAV (short for “Data Archive”) was originally an AI database of metahumans created by Hal Monroe, a former hero known as Dr. Watt, who had retired after a disastrous battle with his former team. DAV’s initial request to become a superhero himself was met by resistance from Hal, but now DAV prowls the streets as Epoch, equipped with a robot body and incredible hacking skills. While DAV understands the emotions of his new teammates, he can’t be sure that he has them himself—can he figure out what being human is all about, possibly helping Hal recover in the process?

Black Cavalier

Civilian name: Yoshiko Yamaguchi
Playbook: The Delinquent
Player: Bee

A girl originally from Japan, Yoshiko is stubborn and belligerent, but protective of the few she considers her friends. She moved to the US to attend boarding school, but with her parents not following until months later, she instead played hooky and joined the team. Black Cavalier specializes in nullifying powers, which takes villains off-guard, but also makes the public suspicious. With her antagonistic powers and attitude, she’s seen as a potential threat to the balance of the team—can Yoshiko come into superheroics in her own right, or will trouble from the past find her first?


Civilian name: Kim Nguyen
Playbook: The Janus
Player: Holly

Kim was formerly a simple intern at Arch.rr, a company known for its electronics. One request to check on the fuses turned into a life-changing event when Kim stumbled upon a secret lab housing a nonhuman, power-granting specimen! Freeing the poor creature and keeping the secret only among friends, Kim felt he had a new duty upon his shoulders. Kim has since donned the identity of Reversal, an energy-absorbing and agile hero. He can keep cool on his new team, but he knows Arch.rr is watching himcan Kim balance his normal teenage life with the conspiracy he’s unfolding?


Civilian name: Celeste Blake
Playbook: The Beacon
Player: Chris

What do you do when you’re a perfectly average human being growing up around superheroes, cyborgs, aliens, and everything in between? For Celeste, being immersed in Halcyon City’s history and culture was like something out of a dream. Anyone can be a hero, so they say, so Celeste grabbed the cutest cosplay outfit she could find, started improvising anything as a weapon, and called herself Shibuya. She’s absolutely stoked about being with her new team, but not everyone wants her therecan she prove that she’s just as much of a hero to the others, or even her family?

Lightning Rod

Civilian name: Abigail Louis
Playbook: The Nova
Player: Yoshi

A rough-and-tumble girl from Hal C Private School, Abby led a normal life until developing lightning powers turned every day into a mess. Abby’s dad is now in a coma thanks to her lack of control, and her mom is stretched thin between managing her daughter and her company, Civprotect. Trying to get a grip on the southward turn her life’s taken, Abby finds herself alongside other teen heroes as Lightning Rod. Her new companions tolerate her enough, but some see her as a disaster waiting to happencan Abby prove them wrong, or will she have another incident like her father?


Civilian name: Davey??
Playbook: The Transformed
Player: Jovian

A monstrous boy straight out of Lovecraft, Davey sticks out just about anywhere. He can’t remember the details of why he’s like this, or even his full name; he currently resides with a retired hero called Dr. Vile and avoids going to school. Heroics have become his only hobby, and as a result, he’s devoted to his new team. Davey tries his hardest to prove himself as Doomzone, but the public sees him only for his appearance. Frustrations arise deep down, and traces of his past emerge in the back of his mindcan Davey keep composure, or will something stirring within take control?

Character bios by Jovian.  Character art by Kyle.